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Teens | Ages 13-19 (2021-22 Schedule)

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Beginner to Advanced levels are available based on student’s level of proficiency in a specific discipline. Technique, execution, and performance presence are all incorporated into the class experience. Students will have the opportunity to perform at various events throughout the season.  Students will also be welcomed to participate in our Charitable and Community outreach  endeavors.

For this age group, a variety of recreational and competitive classes are offered as well as room for growth in the dance world! We continue working toward instilling confidence and professionalism in our students as they near adulthood while maintaining a challenging learning environment, growing through dance. Continuing to cultivate a family dynamic among students and teachers alike is important to us, in addition to providing a healthy outlet from life stressors. Our studio values self-expression and hard work, and wants to help our students reach their goals while having fun! 

Celebrating 17 years of quality dance education with a twist of fun! 

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Ballet & Pointe | Ages 13-19

Thursday 6:30 PM (Ballet)

Thursday 7:30 PM (Pointe - Invitation Only)

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Broadway Jazz & Jazz | Ages 13-19

Monday 5:15 PM 

Thursday 7:30 PM


Hip Hop | Ages 13-19

Tuesday 5:15 PM 

Tuesday 6:30 PM (Advanced)

Saturday 11:30 AM


Lyrical | AgeS 13-19

Monday 6:30 PM


Contemporary | Ages 13-19

Tuesday 6:30

Tuesday 7:30 (Advanced)

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Tap | Ages 13-19

Monday 7:30 PM (Advanced)

Wednesday 5:15 PM

2022 FTT Recital - AM - 122.jpg

Modern | Ages 13-19

Wednesday 7:30 PM

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