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Dance Style Descriptions

Ballet and Pointe

A focus on correct body alignment, proper use of turnout, coordination, & flexibility. Technique at the ballet barre, concentrating on alignment & precision in exercises.  We will also learn about different ballets & the stories behind them.

Broadway Jazz

Students learn fun choreography and stage presence, all while feeling as though they are surrounded by the lights and glamour of New York City.

Hip Hop

Learn the latest, cutting-edge jazz, funk, hip-hop & street dance styles. Dancers improve coordination, flexibility, body strength & confidence.


Contemporary blends an eclectic selection of contemporary techniques & practices.  Dancers will build technique, strength, flexibility & stamina while also deepening their understanding of how movement can be used as a catalyst for expression.


Lyrical combines aspects of ballet, jazz & modern with a focus on self-expression through movement.  Students will perform choreographed & improvisational exercises concentrating on grace, flexibility & strength.


All tap classes build on rhythm, coordination and musicality. We vary on our tap instructors to include the old New York/Broadway style of tap and presentation with the current new trends of rhythm and accapella tap. Each dancer will learn the tap terminology and choreography while expanding their learning to more complex and faster step combinations.  


This class explores modern techniques from past & present choreographers, concentrating on Horton & Fagan movement vocabularies.  Dancers will build a strong technical foundation while learning interesting phase work.

Musical Theater 

Rooted in the diverse history of Broadway musicals, this performance-based class students allows students to work vocally with a Musical Director as well as dance choreography.


Ballet, jazz & tap in an all-in-one class!  Students will have so much fun learning new dance steps & combinations.

Movers & Shakers

A fun, 45-minute introduction to dance.  Dancers will explore movement through motor skills and rhythmic activities, using props.

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