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Evolving Dancers | Ages 9-12 (2021-22 Schedule)

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Intermediate levels of dance training are introduced in multiple styles.  Students are encouraged to diversify in their training by taking multiple disciplines. By the end of the year the student have advanced their skill levels. Performance classes such as Musical Theater & Music Video Dance are available.


Whether students in this age group are looking to grow as dancers or use it for a fun outlet, we offer both in these classes! We begin to introduce this age group to dance classes that are more focused on one specific style so they can work toward improvement in that style, while also broadening their horizons and experimenting with the different styles that appeal to them most. We keep things fun and challenging as we want to provide them with opportunities for advancement. This is when we begin implementing technique and discipline in class to cultivate confidence in our students, teaching them poise, posture and responsibility so they can grow not only as dancers, but people!

Celebrating 17 years of quality dance education with a twist of fun! 

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Ballet | Ages 9-12

Monday 5:15 PM 

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Broadway Jazz | Ages 9-12

Monday 6:30 PM 

Thursday 5:15 PM 

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Musical Theater | Ages 9-12

Saturday 11 AM - 12:30 PM

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Hip Hop | Ages 9-12

Monday 6:30 PM 

Wednesday 5:15 PM 

Thursday 5:15 PM (Boys 7-10yrs)

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Lyrical | Ages 9-12

Monday 7:30 PM 

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Contemporary | Ages 9-12

Tuesday 5:15 PM 

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Tap | Ages 9-12

Wednesday 6:30 PM

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Modern | Ages 9-12

Wednesday 5:15 PM

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